Tommee Tippee Grofriend Baby Sound and Light Sleep Aid, USB-Rechargeable, Soothing Sounds, Lullabies and White Noise, CrySensor and Nightlight, Ollie the Owl /Bennie the Bear / Pip the Panda

Product Features

  • Light and sound sleep aid: Our cute and cuddly night-time companion comforts and helps your baby learn how to fall asleep and resettle after waking, so you and your little one can get more sleep
  • Intelligent CrySensor: If baby cries, your Grofriend responds by automatically playing your choice of lullabies or calming sounds to soothe and reassure your baby, and encourage them back to sleep
  • 6 soothing sounds and adjustable volume: Soothe your baby back to sleep with a comforting heartbeat, gentle rainfall, calming white noise or select one of three relaxing lullabies
  • USB-rechargeable: Our Grofriend sleep aid is rechargeable with mini-USB cable and once fully charged, the battery will last up to approximately 25 hours*
  • Adjustable nightlight: The heart-shaped light in your Grofriend’s tummy helps to create a calming sleep environment has 3 different brightness levels so you can adjust the intensity of the light