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For many years JUNAMA has been present on the market of exclusive prams. Junama is a wide range of innovative products based on original design.

Combining modern technologies with our own solutions, we have created products which are perfectly improved. The Junama brand’s offer is addressed to customers who appreciate modernity, unique style and advanced technologies of making children’s products.

Detailing and constant search more perfect designs, solutions and inspirations have made the Junama brand associated with prestige and exclusivity.

Affordable and Flexible. Junama Candy!

Pastel inspiration.

Candy is inspired by the lightness and minimalism of pastel colours. Their recent popularity inspired us to include them in our new Pram Collection – that’s how Candy came to life.

Choose Your Favourite Candy

Junama Candy comes in 2 different colour options. If pastel is your thing, then all you need to do is pick your flavour!

Junama Candy Baby Blue

Junama Candy Baby Pink

Find the best stroller for your newborns!

JUNAMA is the leading Luxury Prams and Stroller Company – focusing on ultra-modern and funky pram designs, combined with latest technology and utmost safety for baby and parents in mind. All Junama Prams come in 2 in 1 sets, meaning bassinet & stroller are included on one light aluminium frame – easy interchangeable.

Amazing Accessories

All our baby strollers come with a variety of high quality accessories as standard. In addition to a pram seat and carrycot, your stroller will include a baby bag, a cup holder, a mosquito net, a movable changing mat, as well four different covers!

For your twins!

Double happiness, double joy, but also double the responsibility. In order to meet the expectations of parents, we have developed two types of twin strollers. Duo Slim models are constructed in such a way that children can sit one behind the other, while Duo models allow children to sit next to each other.

Featured model: Junama Saphire Duo

TAKO Collection







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