Breastmilk Storage Bags

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Double zips sealing

Self-standing design

Data record area

Temperature indicator


Keep well the precious, for your precious

Especially designed double zip sealing to keep better your breast milk, without pouring out or being contaminated, this storage bag can save well your precious milk for your precious baby. It can self-stand to get a better organization, it can show the temperature of milk for you, it can even let you write down the data, it’s BPA free, should I say more?


Data Record Area

Get a specific storage date and other information clearly by writing it down on the bag, it always keeps you in charge with the utter safety of the milk.

Temperature Indicator

Clear instant temperature will show to you, to let you know the milk warming is done, also to let you know how the storage status is of the milk.

Sensing Temperature, keep abreast of breast milk temperature
Purple(temperature is cold): < 36°C/96.8°F
Blue(temperature is fit): 36°C-40°C/96.8°F-104°F
White(temperature is hight): >40°C/104°F

Moms on the go can pump milk throughout the day and bring it home to freeze for long-term storage.

BPA Free

No toxic, no BPA, no phthalates, no smell, strict disinfection has been done for each bag before it arrives at you, to present a totally safe use for you.

Large Capacity

180ml capacity to store your pumped milk until your baby gets 1 year old. One bag for one meal, no stock-back, it makes it just right for you.

Additional information

Number of bags :

50, 120


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